Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011 Seligmann Center Event History

December 2, 2011    Surreal Cabaret
performance, experimentation, improvisation, and audience involvement
David J. Glover, Oliver Grech, Jennifer Kraus, David Horton, Daniel Mack, Steve Roe, Patricia Seaton, William Seaton

October 15, 2011
Robert Whitman MoonRain   performance  as a fundraiser for Farm Relief in Orange County. VIDEO

 Columbus Day 2011

Jonathan Talbot has applied considerable time, craft and ingenuity to refurbishing Kurt Seligmann's etching press. This project was fueled by the discovery of two almost indentical plates Seligmann did in 1940 for a limited edition run of Andre Breton's poem Pleine Marge.On Columbus Day 2011, Jonathan and I met at the Seligmann Homestead to actually try the press for the first time since Seligmann's death in 1962. Jonathan was well prepared with ink, applicators, rags, and many tools, gadgets and devices I knew nothing about. I was there as a helper, "the guy with the clean hands". In three hours, we got about ten prints. I was so content just doing what I was told and watching the results pile up under big blotter paper. I've taken Jonathan's renowned Collage Workshop at his studio and know how he can both take charge and allow for appropriate learning.

The first three prints were sold at the Robert Whitman MoonRain . VIDEO

Surrealist poetry workshop. Janet Hamill. Funded by Poets and Writers

Summer, 2011   
We discovered Seligmann's original etching press in an outbuilding on the Farm, the Ice House/Guest House, and it looks like it can be restored and used to make prints. We are looking around to see if there are any original plates that Seligmann had made. When the weather allows, we'll start the restoration process  We talked about artists coming to use the press to make prints and for us to do a small edition of a Seligmann-inspired print as a fundraiser.