Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Seligmann Center Event History

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The Seligmann Center
Kurt and Arlette Seligmann bequeathed their 55-acre farmstead in Sugar Loaf, NY to "The Citizens of Orange County". The several buildings on the property have become home to a county arts and quality of life organizations. To honor the Seligmanns, an arts initiative has been started to explore contemporary and historical expressions of surrealism. We realize that "surrealism" is a time-bound description of certain people, places and events in the recent history of art. We have chosen to call our initiative the  "Seligmann Center"  for two reasons:
First, we want to use this beautiful property to explore quality of life issues in the region: water, land use, place making. This reflects the Seligmann's gift of this land and their interest in issues of community building.
Secondly, we want to invite a wide range of current responses to the spirit of the surrealists. They were adventurers in the psyche, bravely stepping out of conventional institutions to find the Marvelous and the Uncanny. In that spirit, we are a home base for avant-garde art presentation in the lower Hudson Valley.

Feb. 22  2 pm          

Angelical Ravings: Learning from the Beats  

with William Seaton

Though they were scorned or ignored by most critics at first, the Beat poets transformed American writing. After examining the works of a range of poets associated with the movement, participants will complete imaginative exercises inspired by Beat themes and rhetoric.
This event is free and open to the public     To register or for more information:
visit www.occitizensfoundation.org or call 845-469-9459.

Feb  23  3 pm                     Book Party/Reading  

March 1   1-3pm
Collaborative Poetry: Meet the New You  workshop with Will Nixon 
"Many of us consider writing a poem to be an intensely private, almost sacred activity. We quiet the roar of modern life to hear the delicate truths of the inner muse.  Our authentic voices need solitude to emerge. But not in this workshop. This time we'll take the opposite tack, using collaborative exercises to generate poems that we never would have expected to flow from our pens. As in improvisational music or comedy, we'll find that spontaneously reacting to others is a tremendous source of creativity."       Program is free and open to all. There were 18 of us there.

Mar 14-15-16          
Weekend of Magic   DETAILS        

March 22            Jazz Dance collaborative

April 6                 Folk concert, hosted by Sonny Ochs with John Flynn (Phil Ochs protege)    
May/June            Next Surrealist Cabaret  William Seaton, producer

July 11                 Opening  Robert Fagan Art and Research Library 
Aug 14-17            HV Jazz  Festival              



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