Friday, February 14, 2014

Year of Magic starts 2014


March, 2014 Chronogram on Magic at The Seligmann Center

Among his many interests and talents, Kurt Seligmann knew about MAGIC.
Quotes from his book The History of Magic and Occult (1948)

Starting in 2014, we are exploring and celebrating this.

March 14-15-16
Surrealist Magician David London brings a Weekend of Magic to Seligmann Center  Sugar Loaf, NY 

Profile of David London: Chronogram, March, 2014

A three-day celebration of wonder, magic, play and creativity.
puppetry, philosophy, surrealism, and that which cannot be explained, to create shows of magic unlike anything you have experienced before. 

Two performances of David’s 
Magic Outside The Box Cabaret Show

a Magic & Surrealism Workshop

a FREE performance of his family show,                                                             
The Adventure to the Imagi-Nation! 
combing magic with storytelling and comedy


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